Recycling in Quail Valley under the Quail Valley Fund HOA requires dedication. 

The nearest places to recycle newspapers and other paper / paper products are the bins in all FBISD schools. Proceeds benefit each school including Quail Valley Middle School, Lantern Lane Elementary, Quail Valley Elementary and Elkins High School.Especially if you have kids, this is a great way to recycle paper and cardboard and benefit their school.

The QV Middle School recycling center is West of the Quail Valley Middle School building. Enter through the the parking lot off FM 1092. It's very easy to see!

The recycling items for Quail Valley Middle School and all FBISD campuses are limited to paper (click on picture to the right to read what is and is not accepted). 

The City of Missouri City Recycling Center is open 24 hours a day at 1919 Scanlin Roadbehind the City Hall complex at 1522 Texas Parkway and has been updated in 2011 to accept: 

  • tin cans, aluminum cans, steel, glass and certain plastics (no Styrofoam) in one bin that does not have to be sorted
  • paper that does not have to be sorted

To learn details of these categories, press here.  The materials are recycled. No materials go to a landfill unless they are not recyclable. The center had to stop accepting glass because it was being mixed improperly and the recycling company would not accept it so the City chose not to continue. Missouri City does receive a monthly check for recycled materials. 

The Fort Bend Recycling Center at 1200 Blume Road in Rosenberg accepts computers and electronics or hazardous waste such as paint and fluorescent light bulbs and tubes. It is free for non hazardous recycles, but there is a modest fee for hazardous materials because they have to pay for proper disposal. Fees range from $1 up for various items. Press the link to website to get updated fees, hours of operation, etc. Missouri City Parks has been periodically obtaining vouchers to recycle at the Fort Bend Center without fee and has a "community clean up" periodically that accepts hazardous waste.

Conservation and recycling benefits us all. Thanks for doing your part. Interested in recycling in Quail Valley? Join the Quail Valley Recycling Newsgroup.

Other recycling tips:

  • Plastic bags: Walmart has a barrel at the inside front door. The FB Library and the Women's Center appreciate plastic bags. Missouri City recycles plastic items numbered 1-7, but Sugar Land excludes #4 and 6 which are dry cleaning bags, produce bags, squeezable bottles, compact disc jackets, packing styrofoam peanuts and plastic tableware.
  • Plastic recycling: what are common containers that relate to these numbers? For a simple chart, press here.           


  • Glass recycle and Cardboard Recycle in Sugar Land at 4802 Oilfield Road (near S. University and Riverstone Subdivision) and 113 Gillingham Lane (Macco Park near Schlumberger in Sugar Land (accepts brown, green or clear glass) or in Houston near Kirby and Westpark across from Goode Company Seafood. You need to separate glass by clear or color. Both centers accept cardboard. 
  • "Daylight" fluorescent energy-saving bulbs contain mercury so don't throw them in the trash once they "burn out." Home Depot accepts them for recycle at their return desk. The Fort Bend Recycling Center accepts fluorescent tubes.
  • Use reusable shopping bags for groceries, etc. 
  • Take wire hangers to local cleaners.

    If you are frustrated by not having recycling curbside in Quail Valley, you are not alone. Contact the Quail Valley Fund to state you preference for curbside recycling. 
    Telephone: 281-499-8371 Fax: 281-499-6621
    Email: or contact their marketing director.