Quail Valley Garden Club

Annual Caladium Bulb Sale 2018 - 2019

Phone orders may be placed by calling either:

Barbara @ 832-671-9959 or Randy @ 713-446-3868

Advance sales of bulbs for 2018 - 2019 have begun. Bulbs are expected to arrive in March 2019 at which time pre-orders will be filled first and any remaining bulbs will be available for sale. Orders may be placed online or with a club member. Credit Cards are accepted for online orders. Orders made with club members may be paid for by check at pick-up of bulbs.

Each year the Quail Valley Garden Club conducts a premium Caladium Bulb sale to benefit the community projects of the club.

Caladium Bulbs which stand up to morning and filtered sun provide lasting summer color. Various variety of bulbs are available each year including, Red Flash, White Christmas, Carolyn Wharton (Pink), Miss Muffet (Lime leaf with marron/cranberry spots), and Red Strap,  Lee Stokes (Green and White variegated leaf) and Pink Beauty (Dark Green leaf spattered Pink).

Bulbs will arrive in March 2018. Pre-orders are filled first and a limited supply of Red Flash/Red, Carolyn Wharton/Pink, White Christmas/White, Miss Muffet Strap/Lime w/ Maroon Spot, Red Strap/Red w/Green, Lee Stokes/Green w/White and Pink Beauty Dark Green w/Pink. Bulbs are .90 cents each. Order 200+ bulbs and Save.

Order by phone: Barbara Thompson @281.835.9888 or Randal Bell @713.446.3868