Beautification Committee Project

Each year the Quail Valley Garden Club holds a number of events and executes a number of Beautification Projects. Information on our events and project can be found here.

Elkins High School 2019

Mulching Event Saturday, July 20th. High School volunteers mulched 10 yards around school’s courtyard and marquee.

Ridgeview Park Beautification August 2018

Message Rose Ann Acosta, Ridgeview Park Beautification Chair:

We've been busy working at Ridgeview Park this summer.  In addition to regular lawn maintenance, we've taken out the seedlings and roots around the Oak tree, reduced the size of the flower bed by adding over 60 pieces of grass, trimmed the bushes and wisteria, added soil and mulch, raised and replaced new sprinkler heads, planted plants that attract butterflies and hummingbirds, and established a new flower bed around the Quail Valley Garden Club Adopt-A-Spot sign.  It's no wonder people have taken notice and have stopped by to say "Thank you" and commented about how pretty Ridgeview Park is looking in The New Quail Valley. 

Many thanks to our volunteers:  Karen Santos, Helena Spain, Mali Stewart, Lynn Ellis, and Barbara Keller-Willy from Monarch Gateway. 

Thank you for your hard work and dedication to continue beautifying our Community!  

Quail Valley Middle School - May 2017

Thank you Quail Valley Garden Club, the middle school beautification was a success! We had the pleasure of working with very patient and hardworking students of the NJHS. A special thanks to Marsha Stain, Bobby Strain, Mali Stewart and Rose Ann Acosta. If you would like to see the garden,it is located at the Quail Valley Middle School bus ramp area. 

2018 Arbor Day

2017 Arbor Day

Quail Valley Tee Garden

Stonework set, Fountain in place and mulch laid.

Stonework set, Fountain in place and mulch laid.

The Beautification Committee, Barbara Thompson, Mary Chan and Nancy Lindsay, continue to work on the Quail Valley Tee Garden a new public space located at the corner of La Quinta Dr and El Dorado Blvd. The location is the former site of the Golf Cart Barn which has relocated behind the new City Centre at Quail Valley. Stop by the garden and see the progress. If you do, please share your photos at our Facebook page -

Planting has begun

Planting has begun

Fall plantings going in.

Fall plantings going in.

Killdeer Nesting in June 2016 at the Tee Garden

Killdeer Nesting in June 2016 at the Tee Garden

2015 Members Christmas Luncheon

Our annual Members Christmas Luncheon was held on December 10, 2015 in Missouri City at Brandani's Restaurant and Wine Bar. Members collected gifts to be given to Toys for Tots.

Brookwood Community Garden Therapy Workday 2018

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Brookwood Garden Therapy Community Service

Karen Santos, Helena and Elizah Spain put together 100 hanging baskets!

Brookwood Community Garden Therapy Workday 2016

Despite the relentless rain in our area Quail Valley Garden Club members potted plants during their visit to Brookwood Community Garden Therapy Workday.