The 2015 Quail Valley Backyard Garden Tour was held on Saturday April 25th, 2015. The gardens were selected based on a variety of features including location and type of lot, price range, garden variety and/or ease of maintenance. The common theme is making the most of your space. All gardens have challenges whether its the layout, drainage or the amount of daily sun or shade. Creative gardeners transition these challenges into inviting spaces for family and friends.

3722 Ridgeview

The garden of Maria Landis changes dramatically with each season. Regardless of the time of year you can always count on vivid color, texture, and attention to detail.

2402 Glenn Lakes

The garden of Tanya & Eddie Chovanetz, Jr. is a gardener's garden. Always lush, with beautiful layering, this corner lot is as beautiful in the front as in back.

3015 Bonnie Briar

The garden of Mia and Chris Crochet is a cornucopia of ideas on how to make the most of your garden space.

2718 Bermuda Dunes

The garden of Cathy & Sebastian Andreu offers the tranquility that comes from the beauty of nature. A shady lake view surrounded by Sago Palms, ferns and many varieties of shade plants make up this oasis.

3515 La Costa Rd

Taking advantage of the sun and view, Randal Bell and David Burnett's garden is a place to party and relax. The garden is made for sun with succulents, sedums and other low water plants.