2018 Holiday Lighting Awards

December 10, 2018 marks the 42nd year that the Quail Valley Garden Club judged Holiday Lighting.

The 2018 Holiday Lighting Awards go to:

Sarah and Jeff Parmley, 2014 Point Clear Ct.

Jennifer and Mike Pittman, 3206 Robinson Road

Linda Fisher, 2611 Robinson Rd Ct.

Judging was based on creative use of lights and decorations, balance and harmony, and uniform theme.

The 2018 Holiday Light Committee members are: Linda Holder (Chair), Rebecca Randall, Anne McBride, Charlene Randall and Barbara Thompson.

2017 Holiday Light Winners

Quail Valley Garden Club Announces the 2017 Holiday Light Winners: The Elkins Family at 3130 Robinson Road, the Hanley Family at 3622 Point Clear Drive and the Simpson Family at 3923 Kiamesha Drive. All three families were awarded $50 Lowe's gift cards from Quail Valley Garden Club.

Many other were outstanding, especially 3123 Millbrook Drive, 3119 West Creek Club and five home on Robinson Road, all of which were winners in the last five years.

Holiday Lighting Judging Committee: Linda Holder (Chair), Karen Santos, Rose Ann Acosta, Rebecca Randall, Charlene Randall

Each year for the past 38 years the Quail Valley Garden Club's Holiday Light Committee has been judging Holiday Lighting throughout Quail Valley. 

Judging for the 2015 Holiday Season took place December 10th - 13th. Prizes were awarded to 3 homes.

2015 Holiday Light Committee: Lynn Ellis, Karen Santos, Helena Spain, Deborah Douglas, Gissela Anderson, Linda Holder and Clay Cessna.

2016 Holiday Light Winners

Holiday Light Committee Members: Clay Cessna, Linda Holder, Karen Santos, Gissela Anderson and Marsha Strain

3119 West Creek Club Bruce and Margie Putnam

2819 Spyglass Kenneth & Karen Jumonville

3126 Robinson Rd John and Melissa O'Malley

2015 Holiday Lighted Display Winners

2014 Holiday Lighted Display Winners

Rose Ann and Jack Acosta - 2803 Glenn Lakes Ln

Soleivi and Paul Shelton - 3115 Robinson Rd

Charlotte Ann Levingston-Johnson - 3130 Bonnie Briar Dr